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Remember when you were a kid, spending all morning on the swing in the backyard, jumping off and trying to leap further than your friends?

Or falling off that nasty trampoline of your neighbour's kid?

Now you can do that again! This is the game that brings back all the fun!

Your goal is to finish each of the 21 levels packed with swings, trampolines and man-ejecting plants as fast as possible. All you need is a good timing to leap from one swing to the next. Jump onto trampolines to gain speed and use the nice looking plants as a catapult. With some practice you'll master most of the levels without ever touching the ground!

Controlling your character is very simple:
- Tap the screen anywhere to leap off a swing, to jump up from the ground, or to get ejected from the plant.
- Swipe horizontally to change your walking direction when on the ground.

The soundtrack of the game is an instrumental version of Lunik's current hit single "Me Time".

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